What We Do

New restaurants are required to submit a Kitchen Set of drawings when opening or renovating. This set is in addition to the Architecture Set and the MEP Engineering Set of drawings. Most Architecture firms do not create the Kitchen Set in house. That is where we come in. We work with your Architect and/or Equipment supplier. We do one thing, and one thing well, so you can get the service you need expeditiously and at a discounted price.

We create Kitchen Sets which include, Kitchen Equipment Plan, Schedule, Specification Book, Plumbing Rough-Ins and Electrical Rough-Ins

How The Process Works

1. Send us a list of equipment you need in your new kitchen.

Put us in touch with the equipment supplier and the Architect, or we can use our own if you prefer.

2. We create your Kitchen layout and send to you for approval.

We recieve drawings from the Architect and place the equipment. Our design will comply with the local jurisdiction's requirments. This process can become cyclical. We revise until the plans match the client's desires and needs.

3. We create a schedule of equipment, a specification book of equipment
and rough-in drawings for the plumbing and electrical needs of the equipment.

This is what the MEP engineers need to do their jobs.

4. Architect collects all the drawings into one submission set and submits for permit

When the jurisdiction reviews the package, usually their are some minor revisions that need to take palce. Revisions are corrected.

Step 1

Fill out intake form below as best as you can.
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Step 2

We will create Kitchen Equipment Plan for your approval.

Step 3

Prepare Kitchen Set for permit submission.

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